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¬ News & Announcements 20 August, 2014

GrudgeMU July Community News
¬ News & Announcements 7 August, 2014

Jaw-dropping features were added on website and left us staring there from the moment it was announced that even the last 20 Cash Shop purchases made in-game can now be seen on the website logs. Too awesome? not yet. Facebook fanatics can also enjoy LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK feature which allows anyone with a valid Facebook account to use the social media to register. Few days after, Guild Ranking has been wiped to give the Guilds another hustle for a good spot in the rank. Pretty neat huh! Player Ranking + Guild Ranking + IP Logging + Cash Shop Logging + Log in with Facebook? This indeed, is the best update ever!

The admin added that the network's Facebook page has been re-created with the following address: www.facebook.com/zhypernetworks . The page has been created for information purposes only, posting of account information which could lead to account loss is strictly not encouraged.

GrudgeMU started in 2006. I may not be the first player to have killed someone with FO gear in the first seasons, but i enjoyed it. I enjoyed hunting every parts of my very first set (Excellent Legendary Set). I enjoyed haggling with the OP sellers and pretentious scammers at Lorencia. I enjoyed my very first Castle Siege, in which i have been killed more than a hundred times, i lost count of the times i got hit by the catapult. Just like you, i dreamed about being the best player ever (day dreaming usually happens after Siege), 'wished i have all the best FO sets there is. Just like you, i encountered enemies, some of them i murdered mentally because i know i couldn't beat him ingame. LOL. But most of all, i met friends. True friends that i can trust and entrusted my ingame accounts with and never took any piece of item from it. 

Years past and the desire to be the best player diminished, suddenly the hunt for best items became a hunt for more friends and good times with them filled my gaming life with rainbow colored happiness that no amount of bugs can tore our friendship apart. I have been on and off with GMU. There are times i thought that i needed to quit for good and times that i thought this game only gives me a headache. I have never been so wrong.. I tried to delete everything that reminded me of the game, gave real life the time it needed from me but somehow, something drew me back to thinking how are my buddies ingame doing. Only way to find out, is to re-download the client and see if they are still playing and hanging out with the rest of the gang. 

6 Seasons later, the game never lost me again. I think that to enjoy the game, you don't need to be the best player in-game but the best friend anyone can have. You don't root on the times you get killed ingame but with times you get betrayed by someone you thought you can trust. Friendship matters, not items. Tons and tons of private servers sprouted out of nowhere like mushrooms but GMU can never be replaced. It has been the home i know of, ever since i started playing. It has been the place where i stumbled over and over but managed to get on my feet again. Now, i may not be able to trade my T2 items, i may be guild less, my Summoner may not have pants till the bug is fixed but the game will always be the same for me. No bugs can drive me away because truly, there's no place like home. =)

Several players were not able to participate in some of July's sieges. As we all know, typhoon Ramasun (Glenda), struck Philippines followed by Henry and specific areas were greatly affected. Classes were suspended but castle sieges were continued of course. LOL

July month is OVER! But before saying goodbye to this month, let's have a glimpse of the previous sieges. The BIG guilds are not unknown to us. On the first siege held this July, the defending guild was HIDEOUT* and the invaders were another HIDEOUT, PAKSIW, and SYNDCATE together with their mercenaries. HIDEOUT became the castle lords and then KICKASS took over the crown on the 12th until present. Though there were disconnection problems in server 12, we have to deal with it because it's new season and some problems couldn't be avoided. Overall, the siege has been very exciting and breath-taking as always. Well, in the past, I don't usually see many successful sealing by different guilds yet now I'm starting to get used to it haha. 

Winning nor losing does not matter as long as you did your best.
Congratulations to the Siege winners!

Get VIP now for only 10 $ a month! VIPs have access to MU Helper which allows players to edit their character settings i.e. looting specific items while automatically attacking monsters. All you have to do is push the button MU Helper. Server 4, VIPs hunting ground, is filled with big bosses such as kunduns and erohims which make it easier for players to hunt and collect rare items. If a VIP wants to hunt on other server, he can active the vipnopk command so that he won't be able to get killed by killers around. Jewels, spheres and TCAs have higher dropping rate and higher success rate on upgrading items. VIPs have also access to Cash shop map wherein VIP players can buy and sell using cash points. Avail VIP now and try these benefits! You will definitely love it!

New Test Game Master FAHIRA was hired and officially introduced to the community by our very own HGM Cyde. It was followed by HGM Cyde's post regarding our GrudgeMU agent's change of name. The name JackaL* was changed into GmuAgent. Please be reminded that the old agent name JackaL* will no longer be use in-game but the forum account will remain for reference purposes. It was sad for the team to lose 2 active FGMs and they were HYPE and Akemi. HYPE was removed for being inactive while Akemi stepped down for personal reasons. On the other hand, Renarose and Herus passed their testing periods and they were promoted as full game masters. Congratulations guys! LordBeaTz was hired as test game master and just before this month end, he was promoted as Full game master. Congratulations!

[Nephilim] was hired in moderator team and will be serving as forum responder. Let us congratulate MaNiNiYuT/Drugzter and *[T][E][O][M][L]* for passing their test periods. They are now moderators. Moderator Y.Flash took a leave and Nikko resigned due to real life conflicts. On the other hand, minami was removed for being ineffective.

June month Ace GFX is no other than Chenelle. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Senior GFX Maica announced the comeback of minami and introduced the newest addition to the team arcejay. These guys will be helping each other in making server and players' requests. 

SMpRiNcE22 stepped down from his position as Big brother to focus on his personal life. He will surely be missed by our newbie players in-game and also by his colleagues.

ImYoonA was removed from the Quibbler team because of inactivity. Quibbler team has only two active members as of July 2014, SeXyKIKZ and Zycotec. You can mail them for inquiries. Please visit our Facebook official page (www.facebook.com/quibblers) 

All staff teams are currently accepting applicants. We have Admin/Game Master team, Moderator team, GFX team, Big bro team, and Quibbler team. If you are interested, apply now!

Quibbler June Edition!
¬ News & Announcements 1 July, 2014

The silence and boredom we are feeling in-game on June 21, 2014 was broken when GMs reminded everyone to log off by 10:00 PM of GMT+8 for the server upgrade to ex700. I didn't exactly got that at first so i had to ask my via guild chat, "@excuse me guys, did she just say ex700?", and then it was confirmed, the news just removed all the drowsiness in me and the players got surges of excitement, everyone got anxious about the new bugs it will bring but truly excited about the new items, we can't even take a seat at the famous Noria mushrooms to chat anymore!

Everybody started to talk about the ex700's new interface, new sets and new weapons, new map, and the ever-so-awaited, Pentagram and elements system. The guild took Screenshots of the last interface, lined up in Devias' gate and waved "Goodbye" like retards to the screenshot. We are all feeling the kind of excitement and anxiety that was impossible to define.

At last, after nearly a year of waiting, staring all day at the threads of ex700 teaser, Nocturnal updated the Downloads section at the main website and announced the arrival of the new season. With all trembling and shaking hands, players clicked on the DOWNLOAD link with hopes of a better and more exciting episode.

GrudgeMU ex700plus Season in Simplified All-Text Version

The new season's interface displays HP of characters and monsters. New name color fonts and chat color system, displays GUILD - ALLY guild aligned and shows the element the character has equipped. When a character equips a pentagram item, element of the item will be shown beside it's name. * Even if character name display option is turned off, the element will be displayed. When you turn off the "Always display characters' name?, only the character's element is displayed. 

New sets and weapons for each character class: 

Blade Master weapons: Sonic Blade, Cyclone Sword, Blast Breaker, Magma Spear, Horn of Steel
High Elf weapons: Angelic Bow, Devil Crossbow
Duel Master weapons: Spite Staff, Asura, Miracle Staff, Blast Breaker
Grand Master weapons: Spite Staff, Miracle Staff
Lord Emperor weapon: Thunderbolt
Dimension Master weapon: Summon Spirit Stick [Merlin Staff of the old version]

Introduction of new 400 Level Socket Armors
*These new socket armor items can be equipped after the third class change.

Blade Master set: Lazy Wind Set, Storm Wing Set
High Elf set: Sticky Set, Light Lord Set
Duel Master set: Hell Knight Set, Magic Knight Set, Ambition Set
Grand Master set: Dark Devil Set
Dimension Master set: Circubus Set

Blade Master shield: Lazy Wind Shield
High Elf shield: Light Lord Shield
Duel Master shield: Magic Knight Shield, Ambition Shield
Grand Master shield: Dark Devil Shield
Dimension Master shield: Circubus Shield

4th Level Wings:
*The new ex700 wings are called Evil's cursed wings

Dark Lord / Rage Fighter : Cloak of Death
Blade Knight / Magic Gladiator: Wing of Chaos
Soul Master / Magic Gladiator / Bloody Summoner: Wing of Magic
Muse Elf : Wing of Life

New Map: Acheron

Elemental System

Pentagram Items:

Example of
Wind Fire Darkness Water Earth
Muren's Book of Magic
Scroll of Etramu

Hacking has always been the number 1 problem we've had ever since the game was born, we're actually not alone with this. Hacking is present in each and every online game. Above all the information needed for a hack case's investigation, IP's are the best lead that's needed to solve the case. This gives the staff the headache. Just before the month ended, Nocturnal gave out the best announcement I have ever heard in my entire MU life. The IP Logging System on website. 

Now we can literally see all logged IP Address for our account on website. This is not only a big help for us, users, to determine who else logged our accounts, we can also see their geographic locations, where they are from and their IPs, respectively. Now seniors can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel and lightened up their burden by a lot.

On the other hand, the complete players rankings and castle siege are added back on the website's index which sure will spice up our gaming more than ever!

Castle Siege is an event held during Saturdays from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM GMT+8. Prior to this much awaited moment, guilds who wanted to challenge the Castle Defender will have to register Sign of Lords to be able to participate. Some fail and some succeed; we can never be too complacent with our victories. Castle siege gives unlimited chances for those who really wanted to take it.

This month of June, main siege participants were the HiDeOuTs and 3KINGS together with their mercenaries. Sadly there only few guilds who joined. HiDeOuT was able to defend it's stand then after a week, 3KINGS was able to grab the castle from them. Again, HiDeOuT guild owned the castle and never let go of it until present. This month has been very fascinating because Ex700+ was launched and new character sets and skills were showed off. Summoner's reflect buff has been enabled as well as the other character skills. Sign of Lord drops increased for castle holders hunting in Land of Trials. They will also have the advantage of getting season 7 items at a higher rate.

Quibbler Team congratulates the CS winners for this month. For those who wanted to join Castle Siege, this is the best time to show everyone what you've got. Let's rock !

This month of June, new Test Game masters were hired. We have TGM theDoctor, Herus and Sammy. TGM Herus is from Polandia under GMT+1. The new GMs mentioned will undergo training in game under our Head and Full Game Masters. It was also announced this month that May's Ace Game Master is no other than FGM TEKTONICZ. After a long break, FGM Akemi and Meda came back as game masters . They will be helping the team once again by giving assistance to players and hosting lively events. Another good news followed and it was the admission of new TGMs namely helenna and Wink. Sadly, we have to bid farewell to our four GMs- FUZE, TheDoctor, Guts, and Sesha. For those who wanted to apply and become a game master, application forms are available. Apply now! Goodluck.

Due to his upcoming hectic schedule in real life, NGU has stepped down from his position. On the other hand, a new forum responder was welcomed to the team. May month's Ace moderator is no other than PR|MECORE. Two thumbs up for you bro! Keep up the good work. For those who wanted to extend help in our community forum by maintaining clean threads, guiding forumers, and assisting in Big trades, apply now!

New GFX member Snowed was welcomed in the GFX Team. GFX The Flash resigned because he needs to focus on his studies as a college student. Better late than never, May's Ace GFX is no other than Maica. later on, Maica was promoted as Senior GFX because of her good performance. She will be handling GFX Team once again. Congratulations! :* Sadly, in less than a month, Snowed resigned for personal reasons. GFX Team is open for applicants. For those who have creative skills when it comes to editing, making signatures and banners for the players and server, this job is perfect for you!

ChuckNorris applied for Big Brother adn was given warm welcome. On the other hand, a former big brother decided to come back and he's no other than FAILURE96. He will be helping players on their training in game and will be extending assistance if needed. FATALITY, HiDeOuT's loverboy, was admitted in the team. GMU volunteers named marcuzz and jhAyzkie were welcomed in the team as well. They promise to do their best to help the players in the community. This was followed by another good news and it was 13eViL13's come back. Big Brother team is consists of players with big hearts who are willing to lend a helping hand to our new beginners and confused players in game who needs assistance. If you have a big heart, Big brother team will welcome you with open arms!

We currently have 3 active writers namely SeXyKIKZ, Zycotec, and ImYoonA. Every end of month, Quibbler team releases GrudgeMU's newspaper. It usually contains important server updates, events, etc. summarized for easy reading. Quibbler team is still open for applicants of all GMTs who are active, good in English, writing and communication skills. If you have what it takes, apply now!

Our very own game masters created many events for this month. Registration will be opened until target vote is reached. These events are: GrudgeMU Ischool Beecol, wherein players will be graded according to their in game performance when joining automated events and the prize for the champion of this event is 50 cash points + tag, 1st placer will receive 30 cash points, and the 2nd placer will receive 10 cash points; Partners in Crime, wherein partners will create a team name and battle with other partners and winners will receive 60 cash points; Save Thy Master, wherein players need to form a guild and battle with the other teams. Members need to protect their master from getting killed because if not, they're guild will be eliminated and will lose the chance to win 100 cash points; lastly Marry the Game Master, wherein the winner will receive FO weapon of choice plus marriage to FGM TEKTONICZ. 

Aside from the SOTW events hosted by GFX team. Another event was launched by our very own Senior GFX Maica - The GFX Tournament 2014! For sure signature experts will join this great event. Players who occupy the white bracket will receive "Artist of the Year tag" for a year, FO item of choice plus 10 cash points; player at the yellow bracket will receive 30 cash points; 2 players at pink bracket will receive 15 cash points each. 

Moderator Team continues with it's events What Am I?, Magic Number, Guess the Logo, and Forum of the Month. The winners for these events will receive winning stars. 

On the other hand, Quibbler team launched three (3) non-ingame related events namely: GrudgeMU Fashionista, Featurette Making and Amusing Video Contest. Winners of these events will be given 50 cash points. Currently, we already have a GrudgeMU Fashionista decided through poll voting. The winner is no other than Leixlip, one of our GMU Cuties. As for the Featurette and Amusing Videos, thread was temporarily closed due to lack of participants and will be opened next month. 

If you know Christmas Eve of Avenue Q probably you'll know what she meant by singing a line that goes like this. "The more you ruv someone the more he makes you crazy. The more you ruv someone the more you wishing him dead". She's a Japanese working at a Korean Deli because she needs money to pay for her bills.

Admit it. We go crazy in love. Boys court girls but for some, it's the other way around. Nowadays, unexpected things as such happens because people don't know how to control their emotions. There is a time for everything. Meaning we don't have to hurry love; we should wait instead. Oh trust me... True love generates respect. Some people get married at an early age. Others may be against it but I'm not because marriage is a choice. The secret of a strong relationship is when partners choose to love each other forever though it is not perfect as it sounds. 

Love yourself, treat yourself. Love will come unexpectedly. Enjoy being free from heartaches and headaches. My dad used to tell me these things. Marriage is not a joke. You'll realize it when you're in the situation. Now that you still have plenty of time, don't rush things. Think.

GrudgeMU eX702 Plus Update!
¬ News & Announcements 22 June, 2014
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GrudgeMU eX702 Plus Update!


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