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Your journey into MU starts here!

Juggernaught probably thought time is gold and is best spent helping other people. So he came back as BigBro and helped players grind like he used to. Weeks later, new player named SKIPPY joined the BigBrother team and pledged to help newbies gain levels and train in-game. Welcome, you guys.


xXxReiNxXx stepped down from her post as a Moderator to give way to her personal life. On the other hand, GFX Jizelle joined the green forces and applied as FR and luckily, got the job! Way to to, Romeo!

Weeks later, and after a long month of full activeness and awesomeness, despite of personal problem.. Mod Shandy was hailed as the ACE Moderator of the month of August. Congratulations Shandy, we are saddened by the news when your mother passed away. We would like to let you know, sweetie, that you are always included in our prayers. Please accept our heartfelt and deepest condolences to your family.


First day of the month of August has been showered with goodness despite of the non-stop rains and thunderstorms, New GM Specialist Rkayen joined the force on catching in-game bullies with 3pps. After ten days, FGM Hype's resignation has been announced along with the removal of TEKTONICS, Vassago and Boogeyman. It happens, people come and go. Worry not for after only a week, 4 New TGMs are hired; TGM UcantRUN who came in first, followed by TGM MrCruci , TGM SouLEvans and TGM Tyche.

Dikaios, on the other hand, bagged the elite title "Ace GM of the Month" twice in a row! for being the most active GM, being able to host almost seventy events for the whole month of August. Way to go, Tony!


Former GFX chenelle finally made up his mind and reclaimed his position at the GFX team, while SGFX maica (after 4 months of hybernation) decided to step down from her job as a senior GFX. Later on that week, former SGFX NGU came back and took the senior spot on the GFX team. Join SOTW events and give signature gifts to your friends in forum. You can also help GFX team granting requests in GFX request zone. For those interested in doing GFX stuffs, do not hesitate to apply :)


Quibbler team is open for applicants. If you are interested in doing GMU paperwork and interviews, this job suits you. You just need to submit a GMU related article with a minimum of 200 words together with your contact details. Please like our official facebook page atwww.facebook.com/quibblers. Happy reading!

The administration wanted to make Castle Siege more interesting and more exciting. Siege, being the star of all events in MU, players always go after the castle week after week. That's why the administration decided to add Cash Points Prize to weekly Castle Siege Winners!

Prize for the winner will be 150 Cash Points. The prize will be given to Guild Master of the winning guild and its up to him to gift or distribute prizes to his members.

Good luck siege goers! Cheers!

Persistence and perseverance are the two main traits to win at any endeavor we may take, and on our case, winning the castle. Those are the traits of some if not all of the guild masters who have won the event so far. But there is one more trait that the guild STRBOYS have, the one thing that made them the new castle owner, and that is patience. Patience to wait for the right timing and correct planning to win the event. Without it, everything will be on rush and will lead to disorder.

Lao Tzu used to say: “Rushing into action, you fail.
Trying to grasp things, you lose them.
Forcing a project to completion,
you ruin what was almost ripe.

STRBOYS, unlike any other guild, is not founded by old and prominent players. They have started from a humble beginning, of training together, helping each member get maxxed, enjoyed having guild wars against different guilds ingame, and finally tried something new -- like joining the siege. For the first time, after numerous tries and very good amount of waiting.. We congratulate GodSpeed, proud master of the guild STRBOYS and his allies for winning the last siege event for executing a very good plan and strategy. Your hard work has paid of! We hope that this isn't the first and the last time you own the castle. See you next Saturday. CHEERS!

Featured Player of the Month: iDKmac

Mac is probably the most active player that I have ever seen when it comes to events. He's so good that he gets 6 out of 10 questions, almost all the time. I would not be surprised if some friends of his says the event is fixed, but no, its not. Its either he has fast hands, or he's just a walking google, even so he still does events awesomely. He's also one of the most loyal friend and / or ally you could ever find. Be friends with him and you'll see that even when under a pinch, he will never leave your side. Given these facts, I have conducted an interview so that I could see what everything's about first hand. And so the interview
goes like this:

Quibbler Z: How long have you been a GrudgeMU player?

iDKmac: I have been a GrudgeMU player since 2011. But i stopped playing on 2013 because of some problems. But i came back last 4 months to play again because i got bored and tried to test if i can still play GMU which resulted into this.

Quibbler Z: What is your first impression when you start playing the game?

iDKmac: Well, i got really addicted in it. My friend introduced me in this game and didn't expect to turn out like this. I like the way you play the game. That is, to work hard and never give up even if it takes so long to reach your goals. I just keep on doing that and it turned out pretty fun for me.

Quibbler Z: What character you are using and did you come up with its name?

iDKmac: I have 5 characters that I'm using. But my main character is a Blade Knight, which is iDKmac.

Quibbler Z: How do you manage your time in game and in real life?

iDKmac: Well, I'm currently studying in High School so of course I must prioritize my studies. That's why I can only play during weekends because when its weekdays, I'm busy with studies.

Quibbler Z: In what aspect do think made you unique among other players?

iDKmac: I think what made me unique is that I am trustworthy. My GM, which is BooMeKxDi, even told me that right from the beginning, he felt that he is safe with me, that he can leave everything to me. I also have many characteristics when it comes to being a friend/best friend. That is what makes me unique from other players.

Quibbler Z: Being the AGM of one of the strongest guild in-game, how hard is it to handle a bunch of active players?

iDKmac: I don't think its hard for me. With the help of everyone in our guild, its easier for me to handle them. We're not really that strong. We do not need to be a strong guild. We're just a happy guild built to be the home of everyone who wants to join our family. That's why I can handle it easier because all of us helps each other, not only depending on someone who is higher because everyone here is equal.

Quibbler Z: Any message to our fellow players and friends?

iDKmac: Never give up. Be kind and help everyone in need. Just enjoy everything and share your joy to others. Always remember that you can only achieve something if you have the will to do it. Nothing's impossible. Do not give up the responsibility you have. When u started it, finish it. That's all

Featured Staff of the Month: GM Dikaios

Due to his superb dedication and passion to help players and conduct events. Dikaios achieved ACE GM of the month, twice, IN A ROW. Nobody spells dedication like GM Dikaios. It's how he does his job and how he handles everything so perfectly to the extent of being hailed "the best" and "the most active". He's also one of the most approachable, easy to talk to GM out there. Whatever your concern is, or even if you just need assistance, get his attention and you can be sure that he'll help you in any way possible. He's definitely someone worth checking and so I did. My interview with him is as follows:

Quibbler Z: Let's start with some of your personal things.

Quibbler Z: Can you tell us your name and your age?

GM Dikaios: hi, i am Anthony Teodoro De Robles, (my close friends call me "nani") and i am 20 years old :)

Quibbler Z: What do you usually do when you're not online?

GM Dikaios: hm .? i am working as a vendor in a public market here in Plaridel ,I also spend my time playing Lan game with my friends. But most of the time i am watching anime, and Guilty Crown is my Favorite ^^

Quibbler Z: When and how did you become a Game Master?

GM Dikaios: its when i saw the GM Lide's announcement for aspiring Game Masters . And I feel like its pushing me to give it a try and give my service to the first love of mine(GrudgeMU)

Quibbler Z: How do you manage your time being a GM and a student at the same time?

GM Dikaios: i am not a student anymore :) i chose to quit for some personal reasons. But i am still happy on what is happening with my life now, that's why I don't have any regrets .

Quibbler Z: What motivates you to work hard and put a lot of effort on the team?

GM Dikaios: i am really a big fan of this game since my grade school, and to serve the game i love is one of my greatest dreams . that's why it took me a long time to give it a try , because i want to prepare myself
in this once in a lifetime experience :)

Quibbler Z: What makes a GM's job easy and what makes it hard?

GM Dikaios: for me being a game master is really hard. you need to give a lot of time and effort for you to stay . but every time i receive "thank You" and good feed backs from the players , i know my time and effort
are not wasted that's why I am always looking forward for whats new in-game day after day :)

Quibbler Z: Any message to the GMU players and the forum community?

GM Dikaios:
We made it this far so please continue to give us your full support for us to stay guys :) i am very happy that i get to enter a dream-like community like this that even if we are not connected by blood this is a place I know that we all feel loved and respected. and to my bashers :) thank you for keeping me alive ,you never fail to give me my daily dose of bad vibes but i can say. you are one of the reasons why i am doing my best as a GM. Arigatou Gozaimasu for having me featured here. Sayonara! :)

GMU Poster Making Event

Posters will measure between 36 inches high and 24 inches wide (no larger).
Posters must be printed neatly on a tarpaulin.
Posters must be affixed securely on a visible spot inside and outside the chosen Internet Cafe.
Posters must be the original design and creation of the entrant(s).
Computer graphics may be used.
The poster display should include:
  • Server Name
  • Official website
  • Official forum page
  • Official Facebook page

Additional points will be given to participants who could hang up posters to 2 or more Internet Cafes.
Winning poster should be displayed at the winner's Internet Cafe` choice for at least 1 year.
In submitting a poster, participants MUST agree that the poster may be displayed at the chosen Internet Cafe, featured in its publications[GMU Quibbler], shared on participant's personal Facebook account and Server's official Facebook account, and included on its web site.
All entries become the property of GMU.
Additional one point the owner of shop who can show us the GMU client installed on each unit + antivirus for secured gaming.

Winner's internet cafe` partner will be visited by the GrudgeMU representative in the said area for verification.
Owner of the winner's choice Internet cafe` will receive a surprise treat as a token appreciation for participation.

Criteria for Judging:
* Theme/Concept (Originality) — 30%
* Presentation — 20%
* Popularity - 20% [FB likes, staff, and Forumers votes]
* Overall Visual Impact — 30%

* First prize — 1 T2 Evil gear of choice [set, wing, accessories and pair weapon]
* Second prize — FO season 4 gear of choice LVL 5 SO [set, wing, accessories and pair weapon]
* Third prize — FO season 4 set / Tier2 Excellent set FO of choice + 80 Cash points + FT HRS
* Non winner's consolation prize — Gold pet + 50 Cash points + FT HRS

Sample entries must show inside or outside posters.

Event period: August 2015 - November 2015

SOTW185 Greek Gods

1st Place: chenelle

2nd Place: Katsurou

3rd Place: Bruce Wayne

SOTW 186 Hello Kitty

1st Place -mimisheen

2nd Place xCHERRYx

3rd Place Bruce Wayne

By: Faiths

Hello Grudgers! I want to bring you a simple event which is called Sudoku. In every month there is a corresponding level of difficulty that will posted in our monthly issue with corresponding prizes as well to the lucky winner. So here are the rules and mechanics of the event.
1. You need to Private Message me your Entry with a title "Sudoku Event _ Forum name."

2. It must follow a format following
Forum Name:
Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)
3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Everyone are allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. The first one to Private Message me the write answer will be considered the winner.
9. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Prizes will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.

250credit points
300credit points
450credit points

This month's Sudoku (Easy)

¬ News & Announcements 6 September, 2015



"No chasing/Hunting! No PVP Either, Trumpery, or Trivia as we know, are pieces of information of little importance or value. Trivia event is one the most used and popular event here in our server, loved by our very own hosts and of course, our trivia maniacs."

Nobody ever says NO to a Trivia event, for our best friend, "google" is always on our back, with a boatload of info's. This trivia event however, focused more on server info's. 'Palms sweating now? Most of the questies are about the game server, it's staffs, forum, and server updates. I am honestly a well-informed player but this event is the real "challenge", whoever wins this event, deserves a plaque of appreciation, 4 ft tall trophy + 100,000 usd cold Cash. Good luck, participants!


HGM Hestia removed the newly hired BigBro, RazerX, that is after finding out he is the former player JerriC who has been banned for bet running and numerous scam cases. RazerX's scammed items from the gamblers has been given back to their rightful owners.

On the other hand, BigBro ex. has resigned as a BigBro due to some personal reasons. It was pleasure to have someone who has shown great performance on his job, but personal life comes first. Once everything is settled and you felt as if you have a lot of time to spare, GrudgeMU's door is always open for your return.


Self-proclaimed handsomest Mod - RobertHandsome, stepped down from his position being a moderator. Devoid of something beautiful, the green team must hire another pretty face to take his place, i must say. On the other hand, W A Y N E, from the Gotham City(aka "zhypermu") has applied and has been accepted as a Forum Responder. Good job! batman.

Ten days after, former Moderator Shandy has assumed her old title as a forum moderator to help around the community along with W A Y N E's promotion as a full-pledged Moderator. Congratulations guys!


Two new members of the Blue Team were introduced to the public, naming; TGM Boogeyman(the monster) and TGM Vassago. Both are of Asian origins and are loyal GrudgeMU players. Eight days later, TGM PunkFU has decided to resign from his job for personal reasons while FGM Prudence has been removed for private reasons.

Dikaios, on the other hand, bagged the elite title "Ace GM of the Month" for being the most active GM, being able to host almost seventy events for the whole month of July. Way to go!


Join SOTW events and give signature gifts to your friends in forum. You can also help GFX team granting requests in GFX request zone. For those interested in doing GFX stuffs, do not hesitate to apply :)


Quibbler team is open for applicants. If you are interested in doing GMU paperwork and interviews, this job suits you. You just need to submit a GMU related article with a minimum of 200 words together with your contact details. Please like our official facebook page atwww.facebook.com/quibblers. Happy reading!

Featured Player: Bedooo / exGM Meda

Being a former GM (with his own fanpage on Facebook) i would be lying if i say he's just a mediocre GM. From former staff to Legend Committee to FOTM(Forumer of the month) to shutterbug of the month to Castle Lord. He's the talk of the town. The apple of all our eyes this month.

The 27-year old loyal GMU player from Egypt is one of the oldest, most loyal player
GMU could ever have. When it comes to loyalty in the game today, there are very few players who are able to pledge their allegiance. It is tough to quantify loyalty in virtual world, but we feel like we know it when we see it.

Quibbler Z: How long have you been a GrudgeMU player?
Bedooo : Oh it`s long time, since 2005 i am here in GMU and on forums but it was hacked, and after they upgrade it, i created another account. We lost a lot of memories on our old forum..

Quibbler Z: What is your first impression when you start playing the game?
Bedooo : It was a poor impression among the powerful. Ant between elephants :P ....

Quibbler Z: What character you are using and did you come up with its name?
Bedooo :At first i was using Blade Knight and step by step i made SM ... etc and now i have all kind of Characters. My first Character name in GrudgeMU was : M_Black ....

Quibbler Z: How do you manage your time in game and in real life?
Bedooo :At first I gave all my time to the game, but after I got married and gave birth to a baby boy began teaming my time between my work and my home and of course GrudgeMU ^_^ ....

Quibbler Z: In what aspect do think made you unique among other players?
Bedooo :Maybe good behavior and good dealing with others, help who is in need of support if possible, be nice to everyone in addition to be a perfect person ....

Quibbler Z: Being a guild master of one of the strongest guild in-game, how hard is it to handle a bunch of pro players?
Bedooo : yeah it's hard to manage guild coz you need to take care of your members and do what you think is good for your guild to win your members' loyalty and activity ...

Quibbler Z: Message to our fellow players?
Bedooo : Champions are not the people who never failed, but they are the people who never quit & playing online games. Do not waste your time in it. Give it space and recognize new friends...

xGM Meda

Featured Staff: HGM Hestia

It has come to the point where I have to make an opening statement for who is probably the most "feared and loved" of all that is in GMU. Now, what can I say about our beloved HGM Hestia without having my butt kicked. Kidding aside, I have been very blessed to know one that is probably the best and most important person in my life. HGM Hestia is someone who will never betray you, she will stand by you no matter what. She will never trade honesty and loyalty for anything. Her love for this community and this server is something that I have witnessed first hand and I can honestly say that its real and true. She is one if not probably the best HGM
GMU, no, ANY server could ever had. Her undying dedication to prove what's right and do what's just is uncanny. Well, not until you went sideways with her. She is someone who you would not want to be enemies with.

HGM Hestia is like fire, treat it well and it will be your best friend, make a wrong move and it will burn all that is dear to you. Playful yet strict, loose yet lawful, mean yet loving. She is basically the best of both worlds. She's a person worth knowing and most definitely worth being friends with. She's the one and only person that I would love to spend my whole life with. That is the HGM Hestia that I have come to know.

Quibbler Z: How's the life of being a Head Game Master?

Hestia : Fun. I get to meet a lot of friends, fake and real, help people i don't know from different parts of the globe. Reading demeaning, rude, nasty, insulting, and derogatory statements about us is also part of it. I've been a senior staff since #idkwhen, i can't say it's pure fun, i also break down like "oh god, what am i doing here, doing this job?. lol .. but it is, in general.

Quibbler Z: How will you encourage other player to vote for our server?

Hestia :Voting for your home server is your duty as player. We do our part by hosting big events, give players fun and enjoyment ingame, assist cases and open new services. Every vote gets you points you can then trade for cash points, 1 free reset and credits. This means if you can't afford to donate, you can vote for the server and get awesome items. When you vote, you're showing us some love, you help us stay alive. You have been helping us stay alive for 8 long years and we owe you a lot <3.

Quibbler Z: What is your motivation, your drive per se to keep improving this server even if you've been criticized so many times by haters?

Hestia :It would have to be my love for the server and my passion to help those who are in need. My urge and earnest to do what's right and implement the rules for a better and more player friendly community.

Quibbler Z: How will you describe your passion, love and dedication to this community?

Hestia :I would say its like a constrictor knot. The more insults and curses that i get from the players that's trying to push me out. The harder I get pulled into doing what's best for the community and the players.

Quibbler Z: If one day you get to have your own family, What kind of family would you dream or wish it to be?

Hestia :I would like it to be the exact same one i have today.

Quibbler Z: Any message to those who love you, to those who hate you, and to those who just do not care in this community?

Hestia :I’m obviously not perfect, because no one is, but you guys molded me into this person, i'm actually beginning to think i’m awesome now XD - i am who i am because of you. Thank you for the support, criticisms, words of encouragement and sweet sweet lies. It doesn't matter who you are, you may hate or love me, but at the end of the day, we all still one big GMU family =]. We may have bashed each other and fought over stuffs, and if i have had, at some point annoyed you or offended you, i apologize for that. I'm sorry..

To the avid supporters of the game and to the guys who stood there for me, thank you so much! <3. To the "report-section stars"! who have been reported a thousand times, and are still able to come back and play, a simple "thank you" makes it all worthwhile. I love you all. xoxo

Arka War is..
- an exclusive GVG (Guilds vs Guilds) content in new map “Acheron”.- The battle takes place on the map “Acheron” and those guilds who take possessions of obelisks placed on the map win Arca War.
This Event will be held once a week and winning guild will receive 300 Cash Points!

Video Event: https://youtu.be/Q-4jSeUwyZk Please Share :D



To register in the event:
First, You must register through NPC "Sir Lesnar"
Located at Lorencia (114,132)
Noria (183,126) and Devias (240,53)


Right after clicking him this will appear.
1.) Information about the event.
2.) Registration for Guild masters only.
3.) Registration for guild members
4.) Where you can exchange your acquired trophies.
5.) Where you can access the event when it started.
6.) You can view here the guild members that have already registered.
7.) GM, AGM and BM can register Sign of Lords, you must register high number of Sign of Lords to be included in top 6.
8.) Where you can check the number of Sign of Lords you have entered.

The Registration of Sign of Lords is one at a time.
Guild Master can drop Sign of Lords before Event Starts

Just click number 7.
This will appear and the number of Sign of Lords that can only be registered is 255/255
You have to register Sign of Lords 255/255 one at a time until you have reached your goal.

There is a given time for registration.

The Guild Master will be the one who register first
Guild Master Registration time is 8:00 - 8:10PM GMT+8
Registration for Guilds Master is open for only 10 Minutes
After the Guild Master registered his Guild
The Members should register also for their own
Guild Member Registration time is 8:10 - 8:20PM GMT+8
Registration for Guilds Members is open for only 10 Minutes
8:20 - 8:23PM GMT+8 Notice of Entry Guilds
8:23 - 8:28PM GMT+8 Waiting in Safe Zone
8:28 - 8:58PM Battle Time
A GC will remind everyone that the ARCA WAR is open for registration.
10 minutes is given to every Guild Master who belongs to the TOP 6 Guilds.
Likewise, 10 minutes is also given to the Guild Members.

Once you have successfully registered your Guild this will show.

You can enter the map by clicking number 5. It will automatically direct you to Acheron map.

1. yellow text will notify you if the Arca war has started or ended.
2. you can find your location here. If you click the guild member status you can also view their locations.
3. you can check here if what obelisk is already found and captured or not.

Rules of Arca War:

(1)Entrance to the field of Arca War
- Unlike the entrance to Acheron, Spirit Map is not necessary.
(2) Display of enemy guilds- Red mark is attached to the members of enemy guilds.
(3) Way to attack the enemies- You can attack through mouse right button.- You can not attack your allies.
(4) Menu Lock- In Arca War, using menu functions between characters are restricted.
(5) Personal Store Off- In Arca War, using personal store is restricted.- If the Personal Store was open before the participation of Arca War, it will be closed automatically.
(6) Movement restrictions- In Arca War, warp function can not be used.
(7) Transportation to Arca War- if you are unintentionally moved to another map, you can enter Arca War from NPC "Sir Lesnar" again.
(8) Guild function restrictions
- Guild related functions are not available during Arca War.
(9) Death Penalty

-Once you have died you will be punished with this buff, it will slow down your movement and add time on your re spawning minutes.

Rules of Arca War
(1) Generation of Obelisk- Obelisks and guardians appear in Acheron when Arca War gets started.
(2) Guardians of Obelisk- 10 boss mosters randomly appear near the obelisks in Acheron.- The killed monster are reborn after 10 minutes.
(3) Types of Obelisks- Each obelisk has their own element type (Darkness, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth)- The elements of the obelisks are generated at random.

How Arca War works?
There are 5 Obelisk will be appear together with the Guardians when the war is started
The Obelisk has their own elements
In order to win the Arca War
Your Guild must take the Obelisk
In order to take the Obelisk
You must disable first the Protective Barriers

How to disable Protective Barriers?

Guild Members need to stand at the Barriers simultaneously
When the 3 Guild Members already stand on the 3 Barriers
The Protective Barriers will be disabled.

Who ever Guilds succeeded to posses or take the obelisk will win the ArcaWar !!!

If you want to know more about Arca War:


Fame and Glory, that’s what you get when you win the Castle Siege event and became a Castle Lord. Who doesn’t want that? Most of the players build and improve their character to win on this event. It’s not easy to build a guild and recruit members with good gear and have loyalty, furthermore finding a good guild ally is hard too. It takes good amount of preparation and planning how to seal and be hailed, the castle owner. Siege doesn't just require hundreds of members with good gears. Considerable effort and good tactics matter on this event.

This weeks castle siege event is one of the best that i’ve ever seen because it’s a close fight and you’ll never know whose going to win until the last minute, wherein everyone got disconnected when the server crashed. I say they have been saved by the crash. It was a blessing in disguise. That’s why I congratulate HellGate Guild and its Guild Master, Bedooo for winning the Castle Siege for this week. Also through the effort of the Guild alliance and mercenaries. Congratulations! Cheers!

Sudoku Event

Hello Grudgers! I want to bring you a simple event which is called Sudoku. In every month there is a corresponding level of difficulty that will posted in our monthly issue with corresponding prizes as well to the lucky winner. So here are the rules and mechanics of the event.
1. You need to Private Message me your Entry with a title "Sudoku Event _ Forum name."

2. It must follow a format following
Forum Name:
Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)
3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Everyone are allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. The first one to Private Message me the write answer will be considered the winner.
9. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Prizes will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.

250credit points
300credit points
450credit points

This month's Sudoku (Medium)


GFX SOTW Winners:

SOTW 182 : Shingeki No Kyojin

1st: reb

2nd: Hyuna

3rd: mimisheen

SOTW 184: Clown



Happy reading!

¬ News & Announcements 3 August, 2015
Monthly Quibbler
¬ News & Announcements 19 June, 2015


We proudly present, the June Edition of the Quibblers.
Made possible by Quibbler Faiths, yours truly and with the special participation of 
our princess, HGM Hestia.




"Who doesn't love a GROUP-SELFIE? taking snap shots with your chums and Family during Holidays, vacations, parties or even on normal days at home, school or work using smartphones or web or digicam and shared via social media such as twitter, IG and Facebook."

FGM Lidewij instantly turned herself into a fairy godmother and granted every social media addicts love for selfies into a virtual-reality. The event was composed of 20 rounds and was held in server one. There was no registration required. Participants hunted down the host roaming and hiding on a certain map and took advantage of having a groufie with the GM when they tracked her. The photo/selfies were uploaded on Facebook and the first participant to upload his "groufie" with the GM (his entry) was announced the winner. Another unique event idea from the GM team that made the game more alive and fun! Kudos to you, guys!

Game Master Team Update

As we all know our Game Master Team is always in need of man power support so they could attend all the needs of our beloved players in our community and in game. Thus, they are always encouraging people to apply in the team. Last June 6, 2015, Head Game Master, Hestia, had just announced our new set of Test Game Masters who will undergo training in a span of weeks/months in preparation on becoming a Full Game Master and they are no other than TGM PunkFU and TGM Dikaios. On the other hand TGM Duks had just resigned on the team for he wants to focus on his studies and real life. Let’s wish them a good luck for their test periods to both TGM PunkFU and TGM Dikaios. And just last June 12, 2015, Friday, our TGM Dikaios had just promoted as a Full Game Master. Thus we could say that his hardwork and dedication to the team made it up there. In addition to his tasks he can already assist players in trading or in PvP and once again let’s congratulate FGM Dikaios for a job well done.

June 17, 2015, Head Game Master, Hestia, had just announced the comeback of our former Game Master TEKTONICZ. He will be giving again some awesome events in his upcoming duties in game and will guide us on what’s new in game. Full Game Master TEKTONICZ is also very willing to answer all of our queries in game so that we will be guided and to have knowledge. He is also ready to assist us if ever you will be having some sort of a big trade so ensure safety and to avoid being scam. Thus, let us all welcome again Game Master TEKTONICZ in the team and wish him good luck in his upcoming tasks to come.

Our beloved Head Game Master, Hestia, had announced our new Test Game Master last June 17, 2015 and he is no other than TGM Prudence. He will undergo a couple of weeks/months in his test period in preparation to become a Full Game Master. The purpose why we are having a test period before we could be a Full Game Master so that we will be already know how our tasks as Full Game Master is done and will orient us to different things that needs whenever your’re a Full Game Master. Once again let’s wish him a good luck in his new and upcoming tasks. After a couple of days, June 20, 2015, finally our Test Game Master Prudence has already been promoted as a Full Game Master due to his hard work and dedication to the team that made up our seniors to promote him. Thus as a Full Game Master he can already assist players in big trades and PvP. Let's give him a warm of applause for a job well done. Always keep in mind on the things you've learn while being a Test Game Master and carry it until being a Full Game Master. 

GFX Team Update

Last Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Forum Director TheReality was proud to announced that a former GFX is coming back to the team to rendered his service again and he is no other than GFX Jizelle. He will be serving again our community by accepting and doing the request again as GFX thus he will give us his good works as we are going to request in the GFX Request zone. Looking forward again to see some of his tremendous artworks and wish him good luck to his upcoming tasks as GFX.

Moderator Team Update

June 8, 2015, Monday, our beloved Lead Moderator, Desiderata, is proud to announce our newly promoted Moderator and he is no other than Moderator RobertHandsome. As a full pledge moderator he ensures the cleanliness of the forum and also the organization to prevent confusions might happen in the long run. Once again let’s congratulate RobertHandsome for making it through and wish him good luck.

Quibbler Team Update

Head Game Master, Hestia, just announced the sudden step down of our Lead Quibbler Sexykikz last June 17, 2015 due to personal reasons. Thus in line with her resignation Quibbler Zycotec will take back her position again as Lead Quibbler to fill in the vacant position. Last but not the least iPeriodic was promoted as Quibbler to add as man power on the team and to contribute more articles and ideas in the team for the future issues to come. Once again let’s congratulate iPeriodic for a job well done. On the other side sad to say but our Quibbler Yasma has just stepped down in the team because he can't already rendered service to the community thus let's thank him for all his efforts and work he did for the community.

Big Brother and GameGuide

Wednesday,June 24, 2015, Head Game Master, Herus, had just announced a big changes in Big Brother team and GameGuide for a reason due to it's inactivity. First thing, Head Game Master, Herus, is sad to announced that the following members of Big Brother and GameGuide namely shabupa69, Rackham and Elyssee due to inactive and other reason that made them not to fulfill their task respectively. Thus, we thank them for the time and service they have rendered for the community. On the other hand last June 26,2015, Friday, the BigBrother team had recruited one member to their team and his no other than RazerX. He will serve the community and in game by helping our newbie and answering their queries to prevent any confusions might happen. Let's wish RazerX a good luck to his upcoming tasks.

atomicX / HotD0g

HotD0g could run for Presidency and win. He is by far, one of the most popular player in-game. Winning the GMU Hunk (Big Event for Summer), his fame just reached global status (like Superman). Players turned out to be friends and friends turned out loyal supporters. But unlike Superman, HotD0g doesn't need to fly around, save lives or shoot eye lasers everywhere. He bagged the title effortlessly with the help of his friends and allies. "He is a good Guild Master", says one of his members, fact that was proven when NXTGEN once became the CS Lord. Not every guild has the power to win siege, compete with HideOut and other guilds with huge alliances. 

Just recently, the administration awarded HotD0g along with 2 other individuals one of the highest honor a player could ever have, The GrudgeMU Savior plate. More than ever, the hunting for info's about our savior slash featured player has just intensified.. i began my interview with personal questions as follows;

Quibbler Z: Hi! Can you tell us your in-game name, how you got it and what character you are using?
HotD0g: My in-game name is HotD0g. most popular frozen foods ^_^. I'm using Blade Knight character ^,..,^ 

Quibbler Z: What made you to choose this character class?
HotD0g: Well, i chose Blade Knight Class, the reason is I see ''freedom'' in this class. You can hunt alone and survive in any boss, well of course it depends how you build your character. One more thing is, the Blade Knight class has his HoT characteristic, high def, good different skills (combos), and it looks so tough, that make him good in PVP and Guild Wars.

Quibbler Z: In what aspect do think made you and your character unique among other players?
HotD0g: Because I'm Hot, kidding, well, I'm unique because of my own personality, I do respect people, especially those who played very well and fair.

Quibbler Z: Being a guild master of one of the strongest guild in-game, how hard is it to handle a bunch of pro players?
HotD0g: It's not that hard to handle them because we are all friends, we respect each other. I made this guild for people to be able to have fun while still progressing and improving in skill as they went through endgame content.

Quibbler Z: What can you say about our current administration? 
HotD0g: I salute the administration coz they spend precious time fixing problem ingame replying all question of us. and never fck with an admin coz they love this game more than US :) Hestia is <3

Our current administration is still strong maybe more advertisement in order to gain more players. New events for newbie, or even freebies for them to feel that GMU is not hard to play.

Quibbler Z: Do you have any message to our fellow players?
HotD0g: So, please, friends, turn your back to cheating, and enjoy your sincere effort that will make you - first of all the others - respect yourself. Besides, that's what this game is about; becoming a better player with the help of others.


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. No other word defines this Game Master. He's one of the reasons why hunting+killing has been the fad that gets the player moving whenever this super Hyped GM is online. His fun events goes on for weeks and he's been the GM that everyone's been asking for. "When is HYPE going to be online?", players often ask on /post. When players ask for you like you've been away for so long yet you've just logged off, you're something else. 

HYPE is Not your average GM. It's like being a GM was his calling; he was born to be one, it was what he was supposed to do. "His event ideas are awesome!", HGM Hestia exclaimed. "He's cute too! XD", she added. We have never seen him in a bad mood. When in-game, it seems like he's always having a great day when the event he's hosting is like the Oscars and he always looks like he's having fun! So aside from constantly working to maintain both his positive attitude, what do you think he's busy with? 

Quibbler Z: Can you tell us your name and your age? 

HYPE : Sup yo mi amigos, braduhs and fair women of GrudgeMu Community! I am Jhoe Valencia and I'm 17 years old. HA! 

Quibbler Z: What do you usually do when you're not online hosting events?

HYPE : I am currently studying Civil Engineering and y'know what that means haha more on plates, floor plans and also my fave, Calculus haha but on a daily basis, cooking, reading and writing books are my passion and yea just living my life to the fullest.

Quibbler Z: When did you become a Game Master?

HYPE : Well technically I applied as a GM thrice haha! My first GM acc was Zamariath in mid 2011 and then I applied again as HYPE in 2014 and came back again haha so yea. Don't get confuse because I'm still awesome and you guys are the best!

Quibbler Z: How do you manage your time being a GM and a student at the same time?

HYPE : Good thing I enrolled on a course that has a class schedule that fits on this job. Time Management and also discipline as well. I always believe that you should never take life so seriously as if you'll get out alive yo! Thank God!

Quibbler Z: What motivates you to work hard and put a lot of effort on the team?

HYPE : Not by the reward, the fame or the awesome plate, the word COMMITMENT keeps me going through all these challanges and keeping in mind the reasons behind my awesome application. I am here not just to entertain but to help also. To act as a fellow player with good cause.

Quibbler Z: What makes a GM's job easy and what makes it hard?

HYPE : What makes it easy? Seeing all the smiles and vibes of all the players and it overwhelms me the most. What makes it hard? Well from my experience, I kinda worry when I'm unable to host the special events on the said schedule because of the sudden and unexpected moments in real life and yea you have to find a way to make it happen.

Quibbler Z: Any message to the GMU players and the forum community?

HYPE : Just keep the integrity yo! It is not just about who you are but what you do and what did you contribute. Just enjoy the game yo and try to be a fellow player with a good cause. You did make your life productive and worthwhile. Live a life you'll remember. Keep the HYPE! Let GMU Arise! Wootwoot! \m/

Yo! Thanks for this Grace of featuring my awesome name hahaha thank you so much yoo and more power to y'all! \m/

Sudoku Event
By: Faiths

Hello Grudgers! I want to bring you a simple event which is called Sudoku. In every month there is a corresponding level of difficulty that will posted in our monthly issue with corresponding prizes as well to the lucky winner. So here are the rules and mechanics of the event.
1. You need to Private Message me your Entry with a title "Sudoku Event _ Forum name."

2. It must follow a format following

Forum Name:
Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)
3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Everyone are allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. The first one to Private Message me the write answer will be considered the winner.
9. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.
10. Deadline of submission is at the end of each Month.

Prizes will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.

Easy- 250 credit points
Medium- 300 credit points
Hard- 450 credit points

This month's Sudoku 


SOTW #182: Shingeki No Kyojin

1st Place: 

2nd Place: Hyuna

3rd Place: mimisheen

Happy reading!

Monthly Quibbler
¬ News & Announcements 18 May, 2015

ZMU GMU FMU Grand Eyeball

One great happening that has come out of all these virtual shenanigans is that thing we call "Eyeball," but more generally could be simply dubbed a "get-together." People who live nearby and have so far met online, plan a get-together for coffee or a drink.. in our case, swimming and drinking party. LOL. The Grand Eyeball happened last March 28 - 29, this year. HGMs from all three servers helped organizing the event along with the server owner himself, Admin Nocturnal. The event took place at Jay Ar Beach Resort in Ba*****s, Philippines.

Players spent an amazing overnight of getting to know each other, meeting players from other servers, with fun events and a bonfire (nothing says fun on the beach like a beach bonfire). The highly anticipated GEB raffle event gave away T2 Evil sets, +15 Pentagrams and thousands of cash points! Everyone shared the food, enjoyed the drinks and talked to each other until everyone passed out. All in all, it's a time and well and enjoyably spent and we all look forward to meeting you again next year!

Finally let out a big sigh when Kundun Minions Invasion event rule has been revised. The recipient? The players who have been abusing their freedom to PK. Greed rules the PK servers. Some people have been intentionally killing players who hunt for cash points during minions invasion and even Dungeon Race event. For the fun of it. Players and forumers view about the matter have been divided. Killing is fun and we play for fun. But when is it okay to kill? We were enlightened by the following statement made by the HGM: 

"The event is added for the benefit of the loyal, less fortunate players, please give them a chance to get some cp."

"Invasions and other events which gives cash points as a reward only lasts for few min. In my opinion its just right for everyone to have a chance at this, may you be noob or not. Everyone has the right to aspire and / or pursue his/her dreams of acquiring good gears, thus killing players and soloing this event for your own sake is prohibited. Our beloved server lives and breathes for everyone in the community and its just right that we keep things in balance. You can PK them noobs if you want but certainly not in these said event times."

Most forumers voted YES on the Poll started by HGM Hestia, me included. Will you favor giving sanctions to bullies and greedy players who kill another player hunting minions to improve themselves? or let those bullies get away with everything and be greedy more than what they already are?

As we all know our game masters work hard and think for new events to satisfy us. They host cool events to make us happy and enjoy our gaming life. When we enjoy and participate in events, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and that makes our efforts and time worth it. Our attitude towards defeat will be tested and our patience will be prolonged. From these events, we will know what sportsmanship is. 

For the month of April, our pretty HGM Hestia announced the cool events prepared by the game masters. One of these events is the GrudgeMU Bunny Hunt which is similar to Hide and Seek event. During the hunt, the participants needed to find the hidden bunny and party him for the win. It was not easy because wings and pets cannot be used. Congratulations to CoDa17, ProKawaii and FirstMage for winning this event. Good job!

Another fascinating event was announced to be hosted which is the GMU Summer Hunk/ Bombshell. This event is very simple. The mechanics of this game is to be the first one to remove all weapons and sets the players are wearing. In the end, the remaining participants were asked questions for judgement.Congratulations to our GMU hunk MGLegion for winning the event. Good job!

The GM team also surprised us with the GMU Summer Knock-out event. This event was to honor Pacquiao and Mayweather's fight. This event is divided into 3 wherein the blade knights who join:
*Heavyweight - will wear +15 FO gloves + NPC pants
*Welterweight - will wear +13 FO gloves + NPC pants
*Flyweight - will wear +9 FO or non FO excellent gloves + NPC pants
For the winner of the Flyweight division, let us congratulate DKburning. He is now our flyweight champion. Cheers!

Featured Staff of the Month: Lidewij (name is pronounced as Liy-DAH-W-ey)

Being the most active GM, Lidewij still stood with elegant poise and finesse at the end of a long day (finishing 4 or 5 events in a row) without looking a little haggard. "At first, we didn't think her beauty would even touch our game's surface." HGM Hestia answered when i asked about her. "She is soooo pretty!+o+", Hestia added. Aside from the name, which she took from John Green's new book, The Fault in Our Stars (yes! this girl is a book lover), we have very little idea who she really is, well, aside from the fact that she really is, perfect. Facebook-wise, the ABOUT section provided us some info about her studies and location. - all of which, we're not allowed to post in public. But! - we have been graced to have her interviewed, being the Featured Staff of the Month and here is what she has to share:

Quibbler Zyc: Can you tell us your name and your age? 

Lidewij : Gabarda, Visan Sheen A, better known as 'mimi'. I'm 21 years old.

Quibbler Zyc: We often see you in-game, when you're not online, what do you usually do? 

Lidewij : Well I'm an avid reader. such as novels preferably by Cecelia ahern and John green. Doing shoots, travelling, spending time with my other half and cooking.

Quibbler Zyc: What made you apply as a GM and how did you find the job? 

Lidewij : Well back when I was new here in GrudgeMU, A friend told me to give it a shot, but since I was only playing for merely a month, I wasn't accepted. then after 3 months, HGM Hestia encouraged me to re apply again.

Quibbler Zyc: How do you manage your time in-game and on forums? 

Lidewij : GrudgeMu client and our Forum site have always been my duo ever since I started playing. It'll be less of a hassle to check some important reports, updates and stuff if the site is also running while I'm in-game.

Quibbler Zyc: Being a GM requires more time, what motivates you to work hard and put a lot of effort on the team?

Lidewij : Some hard headed players in-game *giggles* 
though they never fail to stress me, I must admit they've inspired me to work harder and prove me they're worth the best service I can give. And ofc, my encouraging sister and borthers from GM family and some of my GMU friends. I like being weird with them all the time.

Quibbler Zyc: What makes a GM's job easy and what makes it hard?

Lidewij : Since it is my first time to handle this type of métier, I must say there were no painless task given to any of us staffs here. An Advil and kitkat is always a must have. But for me, Appreciation and trust makes any job easier. when I give my very best, and atleast some of them notices and gives a high five, that will I know my hard work just paid off.

Quibbler Zyc: Any message to the GMU players and the forum community?

Lidewij : Everyone, Kindly vote every 24 hours, let's make voting a habit and make our home server on top again. Always remember our GOLDEN RULES: Don't trust anyone and your account will always be your own responsibility. Enjoy gaming and Godbless!

Greetings to PROJECT X, NEXTGEN, WIPEOUT and STRBOYS, and my GM family. Thank you so much for bringing out the little kid in me. virtual hugs and kisses ! - Lidewij

For the month of April, castle siege was participated by 4 major guilds and they were the NXTGEN headed by hotdog, ILOCANO by NF09, VALOR by jhayzkie and KILLERS by YFlasH. Complaints were everywhere during the siege. There were also players with no guild roaming around Loren valley looking for players to kill. They makes other players hate them although it is part of the game. Since everyone has access to Loren valley, non-participants can do whatever they want. Anyway they add thrill to the event. It has been long that I was not able to attend CS. I just came back and I feel like I'm a weakling because I cannot even stand RFs and BKs in combat. I've seen new names of strong players and I felt like "OMG who's that?". I have never been more excited. Apart from this, the new uprising guilds really surprised me. I was expecting to see players from HIDEOUT, KICKASS and NEWBORN. But now it's NXTGEN, ILOCANO, VALOR and KILLERS. When I had my not-so-long vacation, it seems like CS diaries had its vacation too :)

For the first week of April, I heard that ILOCANO guild was able to take down its competitors. ILOCANO guild is headed by NF09 who was part of the KICKASS long before. Next week after, VALOR guild headed by jhayzkie was able to turn down the defender and challengers next to the crown. Their victory continued until the third week of April. NXTGEN guild headed by hotdog has taken over the crown on the fourth week. 

While roaming around the valley, I still see players complaining about cheaters. Well... the cheat library was already updated. And expect that players without contentment will find another cheat. Cheaters are rampant and they will learn their lesson eventually and that is being just and content with their skills and abilities. Cheats won't last forever because GMU collects these cheats and blocks them. The GMs eye on the suspected cheaters and when proven guilty, the players caught in the act will be given the punishment they deserve.

Congratulations to the winners of April CS!
Thank you for participating and keep it up :)

Featured Player of the Month: Hyunaa

The atmosphere of today's generation is far and very different than it was back then (Girls would stick to their mini-cooking sets or barbie dolls and ousts everyone of the opposite gender who dares to enter their room.) Today, some girls would scan the whole virtual world for a game that suits their style as if they are looking for a new pet. Hyunaa is a modern chick who plays MMORPG. In our era, we call a female who enjoys every genre of game under the sun, a "girl gamer". While most people believe Girl Gamers aren't as good looking as the girls who'd flaunt their beauties in real life, this chick possesses the best of both worlds. She's the face of the guild STRBOYS. Being their best elf support, she has a strong background and proven success with every PK, war and event their guild has joined. Hyunaa is the gooey bond that keeps everyone in place.

Quibbler Zyc: Hi! Can you tell us your ingame name, how you got it and what character you are using?
Hyunaa: Hi ^^ My in-game name is Hyunaa. 
This is a Korean name and I liked how the name sounded, so I kind of just went with it. I’ve used this name in almost all of the games I’ve played. 
The character that I use is an ELF.

Quibbler Zyc: What made you to choose this character class?
Hyunaa: There are only two female character classes in the game, and out of the two, I was more drawn to picking an elf. I usually tend to prefer a character that uses bows and arrows. So an elf was just right for me.

Quibbler Zyc: In what aspect do think made you unique among other players?
Hyunaa: I tend to reme
mber the people who have been good to me or have helped me, and in some way I show how grateful I am for what they have done by being a loyal friend to them or helping them back. 

Quibbler Zyc: When you're not in-game what do you usually do? 
Hyunaa: Whenever I’m not in-game, it would be because I'm at university studying.
Other times, I would probably be watching Korean dramas & variety shows, or I'd be playing my ukelele and guitar. 

Quibbler Zyc: What's your idea of a top player?
Hyunaa: In my opinion, they have to be very strong, almost close to being unbeatable. They must know a lot about things in-game so that they’ll be able to beat other players regardless of their opponents’ weapons and sets used, or the character class they are up against.
They must also be the type of person that other players naturally respects, and not someone who just demands for respect just because they are a “veteran” of the game. 

Quibbler Zyc: Do you consider yourself a top player? if not, do you aspire to be one?
Hyunaa:No, I don’t consider myself a top player. But like everyone else, of course I hope be one someday.

Quibbler Zyc: Any message to our fellow players?
Hyunaa: Don’t take everything way too seriously and just enjoy the game.
I’d like to thank my other half, Deeds, for introducing me to this game and for always being there for me. Also, thank you to those people who have been so nice and have helped me with any problems I have in-game ^_^

Staff Updates

GM HYPE is finally back! The good news was officially announced by HGM Hestia. HYPE was one of the most active GMs before and now she's back to help and serve the GM team once again. As expected of his great performance, Yoshio was promoted as Head Game Master. He will now be facing a new chapter of his life in GMU. Let us all wish him well and congratulate him. Let us also welcome our new TGMs MoMa,  and eLders. They will be trained to become good FGMs in the future. Goodluck guys :) HGM Hestia made an announcement and it's posted as follows, "We have added and finally welcomed another branch under Game Masters Team, and we named it the GM Specialists. The main task of this department and the staff under it is to focus on game bugs, exploits and big events like Grand EB's and leagues. Our very first GM Specialist appointed by sir Nocturnal is GM WasteD but under a Game Master Tag, now let us welcome him officially under his very own tag." Congratulations WasteD! Sad to say that TGMs ChLo3 and Rhyzm has been removed because of inactivity. Probably they missed a lot while training. Thank you for all the services.

It's been a lucky month for moderator team having two active forumers, Fueltech and .CONCORD, in their team. Congratulations! Sad to say that AnluPheT has been removed from the FR team because of inactivity. Let's wish him well and thank him for all the services he rendered. Another sad news was .Pain's parting. It was followed by WhiteWalkers' admission as forum responder. 

As for the big brother team, a new department called The Game Guides has been opened. This team will give our new players the assistance, handle players complaints, and provide information about the game and its features just like a customer service representative [CSR]. GG Rackham was hired as the first GG in GMU history. Congratulations and goodluck!

Join SOTW events and give signature gifts to your friends in forum. You can also help GFX team granting requests in GFX request zone. For those interested in doing GFX stuffs, do not hesitate to apply :) 

Quibbler team is open for applicants. If you are interested in doing GMU paperwork and interviews, this job suits you. You just need to submit a GMU related article with a minimum of 200 words together with your contact details. Please like our official facebook page atwww.facebook.com/quibblers. Happy reading!

1st Place - werdna

2nd Place- mimisheen

1st Place - Hyuna

2nd Place - mimisheen


Monthly Quibbler
¬ News & Announcements 26 April, 2015

What is so special about March? Well, the first thing that will come to your mind.. that's that! Was it graduation? Of course that's one. And so congratulations to our GrudgeMU graduates who studied hard to earn their diploma and to their parents who worked hard for their tuition fees and allowances. By the way, have you heard of the vernal equinox? It marks the start of the astrological year, when the sun enters the sign of the ram (Aries). That makes March a special month too.

Our very sweet Head Game Master Hestia announced the special events for March and they were: Spring Begins is an NON PK event where the teams will be given tasks and the first team to finish will be the winner, Best Build Duel Master is a PK event where you need to create a new character and max it up with 1 reset (BK only). Then you have to make your best build for pvp/Duel. This is similar to the last last year's Battle of the Builds if I'm not mistaken, SWARRRMMMM is an event where players will be transformed into a butterfly!This is a Non-PK Event that will be host in Server 1 so everyone can join.GM needs 20 Butterflies for this Event and these 20 layers will be picked thru minor events., and GrudgeMU Graduation Event where it is a combination of a NON PK and PK event. The qualifying round will be the only NON PK part of the graduation event. Win big prizes by joining these events. Goodluck!

Being one of ZhyperMU's active "legends", Harcy also known as itsme22 in our world, still finds time to fulfill his job as a GMU moderator - where he is actually, one of the most active today. itsme22 imposes proper forum rules and helps keep the community on track. We don't have a lot to share about our good moderator at first but thank Facebook (hail internet!) we found more information about him aside from the quick interview we questions we sent him to answer below:



  • "I am a simple man with a good behavior for my self and for all people around me. ,
    Hope you like me like what I am"

Quibbler Z : Let's start with some of your personal things. 
When you're not online, what do you usually do? 

itsme22 : always checking forum and work forum work Lol / sometimes Playing Basketball

Quibbler Z : What is your in-game name and how long have you been a GMU player?

itsme22 : itsme22

Quibbler Z : Being a Moderator requires more time, how do you manage your time on forums? 

itsme22 : I just moderate when I have time (in my work I have spare time on playing than working)

Quibbler Z : What motivates you to work hard and put a lot of effort on the team?

itsme22 : SGFX Maica ^_^ because she is the one who entertain me to join this team (Also I just wan't to do hard times for our beloved forum ^___^)

Quibbler Z : What makes a Mod's job easy and what makes it hard?

itsme22 : Easy when we checking some thread's / Hard when some forumer makes flame on each other.

Quibbler Z : Any message to the community?

itsme22 : Join our moderator events so we Moderators will entertain to do more events for you guys
Arriva GrudgeMU Community! Thank you and more power.

His name resounds all around server 3. Kokey20 certainly has the "moves". Who would have thought, this new name would make it into stardom in such a relatively short time? It is rare for someone to make such a splash before they’ve even made it into the pros, but in his case, he did, make it. He's on the spotlight. "He's the best team-mate anyone could have", says one of his guild mate's. He fights for a friend and helps everyone in need. He's never boastful and doesn't brag about his skills. No one wants to be around someone who is consistently throwing fists and attacks everyone from opponents to fellow teammates both on and offline. We conducted an interview about his in-game life and were left in awe when we found out that contrary to the hearsay, fame never get into Kokey20's head.

Quibbler Z :Hi sir, Can you tell us about yourself, where you got your in-game name and what character you are using?

Kokey20 :Hello guys! I'm Kokey20, actually i got this ingame name thru MU ONLINE PH 
former ingame name of my colleague friend, "KOKEY13 ". I idolized him 
because he was a popular and powerful in MU ONLINE PH those time. He taught me some techniques, 
duel fighting and secrets of being unique player to others. Today, the credit of being player of the 
month was awardee to him. Thank you my friend!. I'm using DARK KNIGHT / BLADE KNIGHT.

Quibbler ZWhat made you to choose this character class?

Kokey20 : I've chosen Blade knight as my character although other says all characters are equal 
but for me "BLADE KNIGHT" is more powerful because of the "COMBO". Which also depend on the ITEMS.

Quibbler Z : In what aspect do think made you unique among other players?

Kokey20 This question is kinda easy, I am unique with other players because 
I RESPECT and Help some newbies in the game. Which is I give myself Credits 
because someday, they might acknowledge me by helping them. And also, even though
I am not a Guild Master, I also help my co - Members [NXTGEN]. And it is also a good thing for 
GMU Online because they might refer this game because of me.

Quibbler Z : What do you usually do when you are not online ? How do you manage your real life and in-game time?

Kokey20 Usually I'm always online 24/7 GMU. At the same time I probably chat my girlfriend, 
friends and families in the philippines because I'm here in California keeping touch with them.

Quibbler Z : What's your opinion about the new rule added regarding players killing players who are hunting for Minions or during Dungeon race events?

Kokey20 This is the Thing, I think need to fix the Minion event in Server 3. Coz at some point 
Server 3 is a PK server. I highly recommend to move the Minion event to Server 1 so that 
there will be no Banned Accounts about PK-ing in that event.

Quibbler Z : Any message to our fellow players?

Kokey20 : "PLEASE VOTE EVERY 12HRS" so that the Server will win back to the TOP and more players 
will be encourage to play!

Four of our beloved game masters namely KeyBoard, Nytheza, MegaState, and iZTX were removed from the team. This was due to their inactivity. The game masters as we all know should be very active as they are the ones hosting events in game. Aside from hosting they also give further assistance. Although these players were removed, we must thank them for all the work they have done, big or small. As these people go, two new game masters were hired and they are TGM LhaiJa and TGM iTeeBagz. They will undergo proper training under the HGMs. I suddenly miss the old days when I served as a GM ... I miss my chat mates, loyal participants, and that skin command :) Oh and another good news was the promotion of GM Yoshio into a Test Head Game Master. Keep it up Bruu.. New game masters were hired soon after and they were Lidewij, Rhyzm, ChLo3 and MoMa. Good luck! There were many TGMs removed due to lack of activity and they were iTeeBagz, ChLo3, Rhymz, Janissary, and LhaiJa. Despite all the sad news I have mentioned, the team has also good news to share. HGM Herus was given another job and that is to look after the Big Bros and serve as their new chief. After her long vacation, GM HYPE came back to continue his life as a game master. Lidewij was promoted as full game master and not long after, Yoshio as an official head game master. Congratulations! Apply and try it out with our GM team now. Become a GM and help make our server number one!

Let us welcome Picasso, Fueltech (Santii) and demigod back in the team and also to .CONCORD. They will help the green team in maintaining clean threads and give assistance to players on search for information. Welcome back! AnluPheT on the other hand, was removed because of inactivity. For interested players, fill out the application form. Moderator's job is not easy as closing an old thread. You have to be trained as a forum responder and your promotion will be based on the results of your training. Part of your training is to attend to forumers' concern. Goodluck!

It was sad to inform everyone that GFX Kush , Dimexia and Googleraff were already removed from the team. For those who have interest on GFX stuffs, do not hesitate to apply. For those players still practising, GFX school will help you a lot. What are you waiting for? Apply now and show us what you've got! By the way, I would like to thank Senior GFX Maica for the beautiful banners this month :*

Currently the Big Brother team is headed by our dear HGM Herus and his team is expecting applicants who are willing to help the players in game on their training and other concerns. For those interested, apply now :D

Our quibbler team is seeking for writers with good communication skills, knows English, and hopefully active both in forum and in game. The application is open for everyone. Please like our official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/quibblers). Please support and participate in our monthly events if there are. Credit points await for the monthly winners. Happy reading and do not forget to vote for our server every 12 hours. Cheers!

1st Place - arcejay

2nd Place- Jizelle

1st Place - mimisheen

2nd Place- Hyuna

3rd Place- Jizelle

1st Place - werdna

2nd Place- mimisheen