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¬ News & Announcements 1 December, 2014
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¬ News & Announcements 7 November, 2014

Captured Memories Last a Lifetime

"Dear GrudgeMU,
I'm now signing off....
I will miss you all.


The GMU world was shattered as we read the thread posted by the game's one and only SIOPAO (steamed meat bun) vendor. We often see her "noobie" looking Summoner roaming around server 3. She takes pictures of people she knows and hates. "You're not famous if you haven't had a snapshot with Ms. SIOPAO", says the people who have known this bubbly little pal. 

She's the face of the PK server. She was there whenever a "Big Event" is on. Snapping pictures of important personalities, flashing happy smiles to acquaintances, taking pictures of rare and happy events. She was there when guilds battle against other guilds. She was there when great allies unite. She was there to cheer someone up with a smile on an impromptu photo shoot as if she's your number 1 fan. She was there even if you didn't see her around. 

We may have lost one of the best in-game photographer our server ever had, but into our hearts (and on our FB walls) she will remain. Thank you for the captured memories, thank you for the best times, MS. SIOPAO.

"Items please!" newbie players in-game usually say this to my face. Instead of avoiding them, I just share to them the events that we have. Well I believe not only me, but everyone should encourage them to join forum events. We have moderator events such as Halloween Costume2k14 and Where is Freddy???? GFX events such as Ghost on Photo, Halloween Signature, and Zombie Face. These events are easy because they do not require FO gears which makes them very suitable for newbies. The prizes will be good enough for starters. Well if you will notice, most of the events I've mentioned are related to Halloween. It's almost November that's why. Our beloved Game masters have also prepared in-game events such as Swimming Marathon Event, Spiders Run, So Fast! So Good!, Devias Throne Owner, and the famous Last Man Standing Event. Only 3 of these events are open for registration. They are as follows: Devias Throne Owner is a PK Event and will be hosted in Server 12. This is a RIOT Team Battle composed of 3 members per team and it is mixed Class of Choice. Each team will have to provide a team name that will be posted in their STORES when the event starts. This is a Battle Royale to know who will acquire the Throne of Devias Castle. The prize for this event is 9,000 Credit Points + 900 VIP Points (3,000 Credit Points+300 VIP Points each party member). So Fast So Good is a Non-PK Event and will be hosted in Server 1 composed of 2 daily events before the Main Custom Event. Everyone may join the Custom Event and the GM Host will be pick 8 players from the winners of minor events. Prize for this event is 3,000 Credit Points + 300 VIP Points. For the Last Man Standing event, here are the mechanics as enumerated by our HGM Cyde: 

*Event compose of 10 Rounds
*Every winner of each round gets score
*Every loser of each round gets score
*All Scores from Round 1 to 10 are going to merged, win or lose.
*These points will be posted to Hall of Fame LMST Thread.
*Highest Points of the whole month will receive champion prize.

From 100 cash points, the prize for this event was reduced to 50 cash points. For the past 2 months, our last man standing winner is no other than xJHoNGx. Congratulations!

(written by xHGM gRyffyn)

Long time ago, when I was new, here in the world of GrudgeMU, I aspired to travel the entire land. I seek for adventure and fun, and wanted to wander around. But the desire to explore for such came out to be a haunting journey.

It all started during a cold midnight. I can’t sleep and decided to prepare and start my expedition early, so I can witness the dawn and the rising sun. And be able to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the land. I traveled starting from Lorencia, where I met many people selling stuffs. I had fun and made some friends. 
It took me a quite some time to stroll around the place. Until mid noon came and I decided to continue and transfer to another place, so by the end of the day I can visit few more places.

So, I went to Noria, and saw the beauty of nature. I was pleased with what I saw. 
Green is very pleasing to the eyes of a tired traveler like me. And because of the pleasing atmosphere,I made up my mind to take some rest. Unknowingly, it was already Evening. I slept too much and didn’t noticed that I wasted so much time in putting my feet up.

I got up, and wanted to travel one last place, before I end the expedition for that day.
My next stop was supposed to be Atlans, I wanted to go there and witness uncommon sea creatures. But to my surprise, I landed in an unknown place. I was warped in a place accidentally, and upon viewing the map I cannot locate the exact area I am in. 
Due to my curiosity, I continued to discover the place, and at the same time, 
I wanted to meet other people who can tell me my way back home.

Upon roving around, I noticed the place was eerie. Then I realized the place I’m in, was like a grave yard. And I haven’t seen any living person roaming around not even one. There was a disturbing sound whispering in my ear that I can't get rid of.
Green fog wrapped the entire place, I can hardly see my way. 

Then I stepped on something with a cracking sound, so I took a closer look, and found out I stepped on a human bone. I freaked out. My knees where shaking, and I wanted to scream but I can’t. All I can do was to run. I wanted to get out of the place. While i was running, I felt like someone is following me. So I ran faster, not knowing exactly where to go, and what to do, and who is following me.

Then someone was calling my name. "Eugeni0"... "Eugeni0"....The voice becomes louder and louder, and suddenly I woke up. I realized that it was just a dream, and I’ was still stocked at Noria. The Elf Soldier who woke me up, and questioned why I was panting and sweating while I was asleep. I told her everything.

To my surprise it wasn’t a dream after all. People can enter to that place while asleep, and must wake up to get back, or else, the soul of travelers will remain in that spine-cracking place, which they call Swamp of Calmness.

What happen to me in that untold place, didn't stop me from traveling. But I learned my lesson. To be brave and not to give up any of your aspiration. As long as you have faith, in times of trouble, someone will be there to help and save you.

GFX chenelle (Left) with his wife (Right)

L3MONAD3 : Hello GFX chenelle!
L3MONAD3 : You've been GFX since when?

chenelle : Ahe first of all i want to thank you guys for choosing me as the Featured staff of the the month :D 
this unexpected :D.. anyways i was GFX and was hired only last June 28 i think :D by TR(AKA TheReality) that time the GFX team was Revamp and i just try my luck to apply and poof there it goes they hired me as an TGFX and that was the time i was hired and introduced to all of you guys :D

L3MONAD3 : What do you think is the hardest thing being part of it?

chenelle : Actually being part of this team was not that hard and not that difficult its fun. challenging yourself everytime you'll create a request :D how ? you need to impressed the who requested to you everytime youll create a tag/siggy :D its our main goal to fulfill the request + give happiness and satisfaction to the Forumers :D. its not that hard to learned this, if you weally weally want to to become aa GFX artist you can do it, back then i was not that good on editing things (until now :D) I watched too many tutorials joined a community only for GFXers asking questions reading some articles. that what i meant to say that if you love it you will make things possible right ?
ahehehe, if i did it you can do it also :D 

L3MONAD3 : I see, ^_^ Do you have any target goals for the Team?

chenelle : Ofcourse to bring back the way it was before, many GFX members active in forums and ingame 
to many resources that you can get to your fellow GFX many tips many advices isnt that good 
to see that thing again ? anyone wants that to bring it back but sad to say some of the GFX Monsters were busy in real life which we cannot blame them becaus its their personal life which is more important :D, and also not only the GFX team all the Staff Sections here on GMU our main goal is brings back where GMU belongs and make this communty Lively again :D 

L3MONAD3 : Are you currently working? Where?

chenelle : Yes ahe :D im a full time assistant Showroom incharge here in STATE of QATAR but i weally weally want to go home thats why i file for a leave of absence to arrange for my papers and go back home:D in PH(Philippines) for GOOD :D. yes your salary was good and high but the thing is your far away from your family and friends :D. I'd rather be in the PH where in i have my job with enough salary instead your have good job and salary yet your not happy and suffer homesick :D 

L3MONAD3 : How can you manage your time?

chenelle : Time management was not that hard, just add the ingridients "discipline" and be "Wise" and you will be able to manage your time :D actually how i do manage the time is that when im at work 
ill do the work nothing else when im home just do the things the you need to do first after that you can do all the things that you want to do :D simple as that right ? you have to Discipline yourself where in when your in work you have to work whats on your workplace leaved it there, dont bring your work at home its not a good idea just relax and everythings gonna be alright :D (So horay for today :P) Wise you have to think first before what you will do you have to do all the necessary things before anything else that was uncessary in that way trust me you will only consume small amount of your time :D you will surely have your free time every night after you got home from work :D 

L3MONAD3 : As part of the Quibbler Team, thank you Mr. chenelle ^_^. Owh! Is there any message to our beloved GMU Community? 

chenelle : By the way thank you to the Quibbler Team for choosing me :D 
and tall the the staffs here in GMU, specially our Admin Nocturnal (For giving us prices on our events and making this server well balanced and keeping it up :D) our Community Manager Slay3r (who always gives supports and guiding us) our Forum Director TheReality (who Hired me and belived in my skills :D) My SGFX Maica (My Mastah who always giving me tips and hints always) my fellow GFX staffs for supporting each other :D to all that who belives on my noob works here in Forums 
thank you very much for believing and appreciating our works :D and to my fellow staffs :D 
(Shukran) Thank you !
Advance HALLOWEEN and 

L3MONAD3 : Good day Mr. lmbaIance! Can you tell us your ingame name and what character you are using?

Imbalance : Hi Grudgers, My name is Jon aka Imbalance (RF), lmbaIance (BM) it's easy to impersonate please don’t do that. I'm friendly, loyal and gentleman. I've been a player since Season 3 in GrudgeMU using a blade knight character namely penalosa (BM), and ,Trice01 (SM) TrueArch (BM).

L3MONAD3 : What made you to choose this character class?
Imbalance : I chose this character class because many player using this class and they got great skills for damage and defense.

L3MONAD3 : I see, in what aspect do think made you unique among other players?
Imbalance : I think I have little potential in different aspect of life, I'm a serious guy in the real world and have a little and talent but I'm also a stubborn and love to joke around in game. I am an athlete, coach, commissioned officer in Philippine Navy Marines and a begree holder in BS Electronics
L3MONAD3 : I can see you online and posting actively, when your not online what do you usually do? And how can you manage your time?
Imbalance : Yes, I do love GrudgeMU, I think it became and part of my life now. I love to PK, interact with other players, in guilds especially hostility guilds.

When I'm not online, I am busy working as a private security officer or I'm hanging out with my girlfriend. I love to eat, playing guitar and reading watt-pad. I am also a ROTC reservist in case of disaster and calamities. I can manage all of those by simply keeping a To-Do list.

L3MONAD3 : Is there any suggestion you want to tell us?

Imbalance : I suggest to bring back the free resets in voting, it is helpful especially to a newbie and have a WIKI guide in GrudgeMU.

L3MONAD3 : Thank you Mr. lmbaIance !!!

A castle siege is usually held online. It is a challenging game because in order for a guild to win, they must come up with the better strategy. To be able to keep the throne and guild standing, defending guild should eliminate their opponents and keep them from holding the switches. The reason why we see players near switches is because it is a must to get hold of them prior to sealing. If the crown is sealed, then the defender becomes the challenger vice versa. Defending however is not easy because it only takes a minute to seal.

For the month of October we had 4 castle siege events. As far as I can remember, CS participants were STR4NGER, KICKASS, KAWATAN and HIDEOUT. While strolling around Valley of Loren, I have seen players laughing when they are able to kill somebody, players accusing one another using cheats, all forms of trash talk and guild clashes, worse that what I see during a normal PK day. I realized, maybe castle siege is really a big deal. Well honestly when I join CS, I feel the need to win. My heart says "you have to win, it's for the guild" repeatedly. So "YES! it is a big deal" especially to those players who work hard like me. Winning makes you more confident, proud, and popular. Losing on the other hand pushes you to do better. For the first week of October, HIDEOUT guild won the siege while on the second week, KAWATAN guild won over its opponents. Sadly they were not able to defend the castle longer. HIDEOUT was successful in taking the crown. From 3rd week of October until present, HIDEOUT remains the castle lord.

GrudgeMU and Quibbler team congratulates our Castle Lords!
Happy gaming everyone!

The administration is busy these days trying to re-build the once most active and alive community. New faces and new names are rising, but just because the server is looking toward the future, that doesn't mean it should totally ignore the past. One of the best administrator the game ever had has come back to render her unparalleled loyalty and good service to the community. Former admin, Hestia who have been deeply involved with the server's online and even offline community has came back after two and a half years of hibernation.

While the server obviously has some established veterans who are helping carry the game and some up-and-coming individuals looking do the same, it can still look back in its history to find some major names that could do their job once more. Now, I'm not saying that the server should bring in a boatload of old staff to try to improve the community. But bringing in a handful to help turn the server's future around certainly couldn't hurt. So with open arms and open hearts, we welcome you back to our humble home. Welcome home, Hestia.

Hello everybody. Have you ever joined a castle siege? Well I rarely skip CS. It's fun and you'll feel the lag hahaha. You will see complaints here and there and everywhere. Nah that's part of the game and even if you won't admit, I know you complain at times too not only in CS but also in other forms of pk. Everyone does even me LOL. During CS, usually you will see players complaining about single hits and shouting at their enemies (through chat) "Cheater!", "Surrender that program", "1 hitter!", and "I know where you live" LOL. That's not new anyway. To keep you updated on our CS Diaries, let's have a flashback on our September sieges.

I think I was not able to attend some of these sieges because of hectic schedule yet I have chitchat with my friends who are die hard CS addicts and asked them some of the details. On the first week of September, HIDEOUT was victorious. Pressure was there of course because CS is not easy to win. On the 2nd week, KICKASS won. It is not unknown to everyone that these two guilds are big rivals. Well, I'll save some of their love stories for the next month so don't miss it! Alright so let me continue my story. On the 3rd week, HIDEOUT was able to seize the throne and keep it until the 4th week and until present. Pentagrams are very helpful to players nowadays unlike before when there was still no update. If you are very unlucky hunting your 4 slots pentagram, there is another alternative. Donate for it and your sleepless nights are over! Pentagrams have decrease buffs that can be activated when you hit a player. In this way, that player's defense will weaken and you can own him easily. See, you will no longer need a summoner to put innovation or weakness to your enemies because pentagram can do it per se. I haven't tried a perfect pentagram yet I am excited to get one. I'll just wait for another promo.

If you're curious as to why CS seems to be a very important event for all active guilds, I suggest you join. Don't forget to follow your heart when choosing your guild. Feel the heat and enjoy all forms of trash talk and lastly play clean, fair and square. 

Quibbler Team, in behalf of the community, extends sincere congratulations to the winners of September castle siege.
May all guilds have a peaceful relationship with one another.
Happy gaming!

I rant around mentally whenever i see the "villain" and his group chatting, selling, hanging out in the market. "There's the douche! How can he still be having a good time?!", i kept exclaiming to myself. He's often seen around with a fellow, "hmm.. must be gay! xD", i assumed. I continued my daily routine, mastering the art of Business in Lorencia. To my dismay, i kept seeing more of him in my zone (the market). Leaning against the wall like a real BOSS. Still, he's with another BK, though sometimes, there's 3 or 4 of them chatting. "YEP! he's gay. Definitely." i concluded, still trying to erase the bad and humiliating past. xD

Months passed, with my own sweat and blood, i managed to complete my very first FO set. I've never felt so happy! I walked around with bragging rights that every piece of my hard-earned jewels of souls i saved daily, i got me an FO set!, "Who's your daddeh?:D", i said, patting my self on the back. I started to lessen my marketing career and shifted to a whole new level. PVP! A very good friend of mine volunteered to be my test dummy and we head on to train on pvp servers, with good practice and perseverance, we managed to take down a few goons ("villain" not included, unfortunately). I kept on plotting my "revenge" with him but one day, i heard that he got banned. Ironic, isn't it? =/... 

Well, to make the story short, more good things followed. I was invited to join a guild, met my other half and went on "owning" a bunch of "haters", all of which i'm very much looking forward to share in the future.

Congratulations to FGM Herus for being the most outstanding GM of the month. Keep it up! Two TGMs were removed because of inactivity. They were MonkeyKing and MsSteele. Thank you for all your efforts and for giving a try. One of the Powerpuff girls returned to the team and she's no other than our lovely ex-admin Hestia! Now she's back to extend help as one of our Head Game Masters. Welcome back sis! Game Master team is open for applicants knowledgeable of the English language, with good attitude and knows how to communicate well with players regardless of GMT, and of course TIME for the server! :)

->H/\TEW|SH<- was hired as forum responder and he will help the team to maintain threads clean and give assistance to our dear forum users as well. Last September 11, it was Francis' birthday and the same day he was also hired as forum responder. Unfortunately he stepped down from his position for personal reasons. You will be missed Francis! For players interested to become a moderator, fill out the Forum Responder application form which can be found at GrudgeMU Forms. You need to pass the forum responder period before becoming a moderator.

As for the GFX team, chenelle was given the title as Ace GFX for his great activity and performance. Congratulations dude. Yuudai was hired and now he's one of our graphic artists yohoo! We're looking forward to your cool banners and signatures. Good luck! GFX arcejay was removed from the team because of inactivity. Thank you for everything dude. GFX team is open for applicants. For those who have great editing and creativity skills, apply now!

FuSsyGee, one of the cuties, was hired in Quibbler team. Welcome to the club pretty! And of course, if we have a pretty lady, how about a handsome lad? Our former writer L3MONAD3 is also back! Now we're four. "FOUR the first time in FOURever..." Quibbler Team is open for applicants with good English and communication skills. If you're interested, you only have to submit an original article related to GrudgeMU and post it at our "Want To Be A Quibbler" thread or you can send it to SeXyKIKZ or Zycotec via private message. Please like our official facebook page: (www.facebook.com/quibblers). Thank you!


Our server conducts special events in forum like Shutterbug of the month where players' creativity and uniqueness are being tested. This event is hosted by the moderator team. For weekly winners, they will receive 500 VIP points. Shutterbug of the month will also be chosen from the weekly winners. The winner will receive 1200 VIP points plus a Shutterbug of the Month plate. Consolation prize is 200 VIP points. For the Shutterbug of the Year, the winner will receive a season 1-4 item with full options and a tag. Consolation prize would be 10 winning stars. 

Desiderata, one of our active moderators hosted another forum event and that is the Big 3 Lucky Number Event. Luckily, Mang.Tasio won the event on the first draw. The rest is history (just kidding). What I mean is that there's no lucky winner next to him yet. 

GFX Tournament was hosted last month of August. BRAINWASH was the champion of the event. Next to him was Healthcliff, followed by Dous and Choshiro. Winners have received Fo weapon of choice + 10 cash points + tag, 30 cash points, 15 cash points and another 15 cash points respectively. I'm actually used to seeing these guys' names everywhere and anywhere in forum and you guys really deserve it. Congratulations although late! :D Just recently, GFX chenelle posted a DoodleArt Event. If you are interested to join, this is your chance! Join now while the thread is still open :) 

Last July, HGM Cyde launched the Last Man Standing Tournament. July LMST resulted a tie and the winners were Lemures and aLeiHsx. For the month of August and September, this event is active but winners are not yet announced. FYI the prize for this event was changed from 100 cash points to 50 cash points. For those interested to join this event, visit Admin/Game Master Events Section and be updated for more upcoming events. 

Congratulations to the winners and keep the events coming! #ILOVEGMU 

¬ News & Announcements 13 October, 2014
Monthly Quibbler
¬ News & Announcements 23 September, 2014

Joining war by yourself and no buffs on is like an intentional dive down the cliff head first. A guild can only conquer a castle if they have all the best mercenaries and manpower they need. It's success is measured by the strong bond of friendship and the toughness of the alliance. We are, biology speaking, pack animals and feel the safest in groups, this pretty much explains why the masters of the biggest guilds are doing everything they can to gather as much army as possible. If you have been playing alone and guildless, you're missing half of your life (your ingame life, to be precise). Just like in real life, where you need someone to live and enjoy life, you'll enjoy a richer, more complete game experience if you play with other players as intended. 

Having a guild in-game is like living in comfy home, in a community, with your family, and friendly neighborhood. The benefits of having a guild are mostly that you have help when you need it, emotional, sometimes even financial support, basically it helps you feel less alone. So all of you who have been guildless for too long, try having a guild or simply join one.. days from now, your solo "dive on a cliff" during wars will be over..this time, you're diving with the whole clan (hehe) Happy gaming! =)

I have played GMU a bit longer, but I have never once taken part in PvP. I knew nothing about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fun person and I do love adrenalin-yanking activities (i.e, marketing) Yes, I have been addicted to selling and buying and haggling in-game. From Scrolls to Jewels to sets, I have tried to sell almost everything I have. But not everyday is a good-market day, sometimes it was just too slow, nothing bought, nothing sold. So I decided to go to PVP server to snoop around. 

P.V.P.--- Player(s) versus player(s), or PvP, is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants. 

With no help from anyone or anything, I geared up with the items, for me was the best (I was wearing Grand soul+13 set with FO 2nd wing of soul). "I am strong!" I had to convince myself I was, or I'll never get the courage to come out of the safe zones. As I set foot to the spot known for players with homicidal thoughts and murderous instincts, one twisting skill from a BK wearing DK set and a very very shiny and sparkling 3rd wing (that time was the newest item) He looked pretty frikkn cool! like meeting superman who just swoop you away with one blow unaware that you were paper-thin. And then.. I died..

"NOOB!" yelled the BK. "I know, right?", i answered mentally. Murderers. Really? Does a good combo come with a good heaping side dish of very harsh word now? Players have their own way of playing a game, maybe this time, I play the hero, while he's really really good at playing the villain and it's how you deal with people who swears a lot that matters. Pay no attention to what the attacker is saying. You get affected, you lose. Don't get me wrong I can understand the occasional use of profanity. They often go really brutal with words and my answer will always be "thank you" but when i get more than what I can handle, Alt+F4 is always ready.

So ^-Merlin-^ the wiz woke up in a safe zone with partially depleted hope. "I'll get you next time." says my noobie wiz. 

-to be continued.

Compared to the previous castle siege events, this month's full of thrill. Two of the most famous guilds now in one alliance, new guilds joining CS, famous guilds with new alliance, return of old players.. It's more fun, isn't it? These changes made CS more challenging and breath-taking. I can't wait for the next month!

Looking back, we had 5 castle siege events last month which is August. Off topic: According to some sort of article which I happen to read in my news feed, August was a lucky month because it has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays, and you'll be lucky if you saved money. Back to the topic: Did you know that whining and other form of reactions cannot be avoided? I kinda react too especially if I get killed many times in a single blow. At the end of the day, I realize that this is just a game and a game must be enjoyed. We had 5 CS events. KICKASS guild owned the castle for 2 weeks. Next to that we have HIDEOUT guild who took over. KICKASS won the next siege after that but then HIDEOUT owned it again for the 5th week. Like twitter, gaming gadgets are also trending nowadays. In just one click, the most common "123Q" combination will be clicked continuously. BK's love it. For elves like me, nah we don't need it haha.. Castle siege is held every Saturday from 8PM-10PM GMT+8. Guilds must collect Sign of lords and register them to join.

GrudgeMU and Quibbler team congratulates the winners!
Don't forget to vote every 12 hours.

Administrator Nocturnal announced the major game updates done this month of August, there were 19 total fixes made to minor bugs, may it skill, visual, item, or event bug. These are the following: (1)Active ML Mastery skills not adding the bonus points of ML Strengtheners FIXED. (2) ML Automatic AG Recovery Increase not giving the correct rate FIXED. (3) ML Bless skill not adding ML Add Energy stat in calculation FIXED. (4) ML Soul Barrier Mastery not absorbing damage and causing big Mana FIXED. (5) Crash in Imperial Guardian event FIXED. (6) Lucky item exploit with jewel of elevation FIXED. (7) Summon skill exploit during siege after sealing BLOCKED. (8) Elemental inventory might be wiped when warping from normal server to siege server (when HIDE mode) FIXED. (9) Auto-remove bad errtel index in pentagram slots ADDED. (10) Pentagram with errtel should not be allowed to vault and chaos machine FIXED. (11) Initial bonus option for dropped socketed item removed, in GMO socket bonus option will only appear when 3 or more slots of socket items are equipped with seed spear, one of 6 random socket bonus option will appear according to the equipped seed spears. (12) Added attack MISS rate to RF class , GMO style, when attacking Boss/event monsters. (13) Gladiators Glory buff in duel will now save in database.14. Added Gladiators Glory buff in PVP Last Stand winner. (15) Gens war mechanics updated, now the monsters will be removed when event started and will re-appear when event ended. Some boss monsters will spawn after the 5 minutes countdown, these monsters will be the allies of current vulcanus owner. (16) New option added in common.ini, check CountMapMove comment. (17) MuGuard check to characters stats if altered ADDED. (18) Fixed Visual Bug on Kanturu Event. And lastly, (19) Summoner Ref Bug Re evaluated and nerfed. Enjoy!

Due to inactivity, TGM Helenna was removed from the admin team. Better late than never, let us congratulate our Ace Game masters for the month of June and July, TEKTONICZ and LordBeatZ! TGM Sammy and Renarose were removed from the team as well. LordBeatZ resigned from his position. MonkeyKing Bar was admitted to the team as Test Game Master. Due to urgent matters, FGM TEKTONICZ resigned. Another TGM applicant MsSteele was hired. Be an inspiration to your teammates. Welcome to the team and good luck! TGM FAHIRA was removed from the admin team because of inactivity. 

PRIMCORE stepped down from being a moderator while NGU came back.basty666 stood out and was awarded as the Ace moderator for July. One of the ex-moderator way back 2008, kaxie, is back! He was secretly undergoing training and he passed. He is now our Lead Moderator. Welcome back to the team! Y.FlasH was back in the green team but only for a short time. He resigned because he needs to focus on his life. NGU will be taking a quick break to fix things up in real life. Moderator *[T][E][O][M][L]* stepped down from his position to focus on his real life. Our very own Slay3r annoounced the new set of Legend Committee and they are: candy_ass, Cpt*LOPTOP*, and docsmg.

Minami and arcejay was promoted as Full GFX. Let us congratulate our hardworking graphic artists! Ace GFX for July is no other than chenelle. Good job! Later on minami resigned and it's sad because he's doing great in the team. But of course, personal life comes first.

The Big Brother team was revamped because of inactivity among its members. For aspiring applicants, please fill out the application form:(http://www.muonline.biz/grudge/forms.php?do=form&fid=10)

All teams as well as the Newspaper Team (Quibbler) are open for applicants. For all aspiring players out there who wanted to help and become a part of GrudgeMU's success, apply now!